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24 Hour Express Touch Tone Phone Banking

  • Make account balance inquiries
  • Determine the last six transactions on your account
  • Verify electronic funds or ATM transactions
  • Verify interest paid and earned information during tax time
  • Make transfers
  • Rate and Product Information
Call 226-9523 or 226-9526 for local calls from any touch-tone phone.
Outside local area call 1-877-226-9800.
To access the funds transfer option, you must have completed a Request for Funds Transfer.

Other Miscellaneous Services

  • Wire Transfers
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Money Orders
  • Cashiers Checks
  • Stop Payments
  • Notary Services
  • Night Depository


ATM Replacement Card (after 2 cards) $5.00
Dormant Account Fee $6.00 per month
Indemnity Bond $25.00
Interim Statement         $5.00
Night Deposit Bag         $20.00  (2 bags no charge)
Non-sufficient Funds Fee        $35.00  (Non-Sufficient Funds may be created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.)
Overdraft Fee $35.00  (Overdrafts may be created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.)
Maximum Number Of Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds Fees 5 per day
Continuous Overdraft Fees $5.00  (To be assessed after the account remains overdrawn 5 consecutive business days and for each subsequent 5 consecutive business day period.  This fee is in addition to any other fees assessed for the overdraft.)
Official Check Fees          
       Cashier's Check $10.00  (No charge for County Plus or 50 Advantage accounts.)
       Money Order $4.00    (No charge for County Plus or 50 Advantage accounts.)
Collection Item Fees*  
       Domestic Collection Item Fees $25.00
       Foreign Collection Item Fees 2% of the net proceeds of the item with a minimum charge of $10 and maximum of $100 (Additional fees may be imposed by the foreign bank.)
       *Incoming or outgoing collection items, including check items, drafts, notes, without entry claim.  
Legal Process Fees          
       Research Records $25.00 per hour
       Tax Levy $100.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee         $5.00
Photocopies $1.00 per copy
Return Deposit Item         $10.00
Statement Balancing (2 month maximum)         $25.00 per hour
Stop Payment         $35.00
Bill Pay Stop Payment         $25.00
Gift Cards          
       Purchase Fee $3.95
       Inactivity Fee after 12 consecutive months of   inactivity $2.95
       Lost/Stolen Replacement Fee $5.00
Reloadable/Youth Cards  
       Purchase Fee  $6.95
       Monthly Fee  $3.00
       Monthly Fee with Monthly Direct Deposit  $0.00
       Reload Fee at Financial Institution  $3.00
       Cash Access Fee:   
              ATM Balance Inquiry  $0.50
              ATM Domestic  $1.50
              ATM International  $3.00
              Cash Advance  $5.00
              Lost/Stolen Replacement Fee  $5.00
              Foreign Exchange Markup 3%
Wire Transfer Fees          
       Incoming Wire $15.00
       Outgoing Wire  $20.00
       Foreign Incoming Wire $15.00
       Foreign Outgoing Wire $75.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental          
       3 X 5 $ 20.00 per year  
       3 X 10 $ 40.00 per year  
       5 X 10 $ 60.00 per year  
       10 X 10 $120.00 per year  

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