Mobile Banking Security

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At County Bank we take safeguarding your personal and financial information seriously. Take comfort in the same security features of our online banking with our mobile banking. These features include encryption, access ids, and passcodes.

If your phone is lost or stolen simply deactivate the phone by signing into County Bank online banking and clicking on the Mobile Service Center. You may also contact us by phone at 302-226-9800 during normal business hours.

Please note: County Bank never sends text or emails asking for personal identifiable information like passcodes and account numbers. If you believe you have received a fraudulent message please report it by contacting us at 302-226-9800, email or visit our 7 conveniently located branch locations.

Mobile Banking Security Tips & Best Practices

  •  Sign up for mobile banking by using our web site link or by visiting the iTunes Apps and Google Play store.
  • We highly recommend downloading antivirus or malware software on your phone or mobile device. There are many free security applications available in the iTunes Apps Store and Google Play Store.
  • Lock and secure your mobile device with a PIN or password.
  • Always set strong online banking account passcodes with at least one number and capitalized letter. To avoid hacking never use your name, date of birth, or any other easily identifiable personal information.
  • Change your online banking passcode frequently.
  • Always log off completely or close your browser after you are done using mobile banking.
  • Do not set your phone settings to auto fill user names and passwords.
  • Do not store your user names or passwords in plain text on your phone.
  • Bluetooth and similar connections are not secure. We recommend turning off Bluetooth while mobile banking and disabling Bluetooth to the turned off setting when not in use.
  • Using public WiFi access is not secure and is not recommended while mobile banking.
  • When in public be cautious of others viewing your mobile device and your key strokes.
  • Always clear all personal information from your phone or mobile device before discarding it.