Online Banking & Bill Pay

Welcome to County Bank's Online Banking Service

Our Internet Banking Service offers fast and convenient access to your County Bank accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the highest level of security available.


Features available from County Bank Online banking include:

  • Account Balances- View account balances for checking, savings, certificates of deposit, IRAs, and loan accounts
  • Account History- View and sort historical account transactions
  • Funds Transfer- Transfer funds from one account to another within the institution.
  • Bill Payer- Pay bills electronically to both national and local vendors
  • Stop Payments- Initiate stop payment requests
  • Check Reordering- Reorder Checks based on previous check style
  • E-Mail- E-Mail messages to County Bank
  • Notify Me Alerts – Receive email notifications of important account related activities


Reasons to sign-up for eStatements:

  • Eliminate monthly pieces of paper. Cut down clutter, not a tree.
  • Switch from your mailbox to your inbox. Reduce the chance of mail theft.
  • Your statements are securely stored in online banking.

Activate E-Statements during the Consumer Online Banking enrollment process or anytime within Consumer Online Banking. When you navigate to the Accounts tab, select Documents  and then Delivery Settings tab. When you click on Delivery Settings the page provides a list of accounts with selection circles that allow you to choose a delivery method for each eligible deposit account.

Select Online or Paper by clicking on the circle. It will turn the color green.

Click on View Electric Consent
Click check box to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms of agreement
Click Submit button

To Remove E-Statements:

  • Click on the Paper selection circle to change delivery methods for an eligible deposit account.

To View E-Statements

  • Click on Documents link to view your online statements

Company Administrators may set up accounts for online delivery of statements and documents.

  1. Click Reports > Statements and Documents.
  2. Click the View and maintain document preferences link.
  3. Click the Delivery Preference drop-down beside an account and then select one of the following: Online or Online & Paper. Online should be used for combined online statements for the primary account. Online & Paper enrolls the account for online statement/document delivery and continues the delivery of the paper statement.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. If applicable, review the service agreement and click I agree to accept it.
  6. Click Save Preferences.

To Remove E-Statements:

  1. Click Reports > Statements and Documents.
  2. Click the View and maintain document preferences link.
  3. Click the Delivery Preference drop-down beside the account from which you want to remove online viewing and then select Paper. For combined online statements, select Paper for the primary account.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Review the selected accounts as needed and then click Save Preferences.

Bill Payment*

After enrolling in on-line banking, you will have the option to add the bill pay feature which allows you to pay recurring, occasional, and one-time bills from your computer 24 hours a day.

  • Early Payment - payments can be scheduled ahead of time.
  • Easy Navigation - your information is organized.
  • Convenient Payment History - view your pending transactions or payment history with just the click of a button.

* Bill Pay is upon approval from the branch.